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JP Marketing LLC is a full-service marketing agency that helps organizations and businesses “Create, Communicate, & Connect”. Our #1 goal is to level the playing field when it comes to marketing and communications. We work with organizations and individuals who may have the passion and vision to impact social change, but don’t necessarily have the expertise, budget or time to create such intricate marketing strategies. With a background in public health research and nonprofit marketing, we help our clients develop appropriate messaging and guide them on the best avenues to reach their audience. We become advocates for our clients and their causes through the facilitation of community engagement and fund development. Over the past 8 years, JP Marketing has had the pleasure of serving small business and nonprofit clients across the United States and supporting their growth and development.


who is Jeralyn 3.0?

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Memphis Native. NYC Transplant. World Traveler.

Jeralyn Powell is the founder and leader innovator of Jeralyn 3.0, a full-service marketing agency specializing in health communications and nonprofit marketing. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Tennessee State University and a Masters of Public Health with a concentration in Health Behavior from the University of Alabama Birmingham. With aspirations to be a medical researcher, Jeralyn completed her Bachelors of Science in Biology at Tennessee State University. She was afforded several opportunities to present her research and work with scientists at top research institutions. However, the environment left her creativity unfulfilled and created many questions as to how she would create an impact on the populations of study. Noticing the discontinuity of communication between research systems to communities served and the lack of translation from research to practice, Jeralyn was introduced to the discipline of Public Health and decided to pursue a career in health communications. Jeralyn has created a space of synergy between creative and analytical. Jeralyn possesses outstanding communication and critical thinking skills with experience in developing health promotion programs and implementing marketing and media plans using, radio, film and print. Her experience in program planning and management coupled with her knack for working in diverse populations makes Jeralyn unique. She is highly regarded for superior expertise with marketing strategy, web content management, social media and other new media production.

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Our services are tailored to fit your marketing needs, regardless of your level of expertise. We understand that sometimes you just need a helping hand and other times you would prefer someone else to do the work. Our goal is to work with you to create the best solution for you.

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